Who is Helen lagoe ? We lost her


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing my music and with such a beautiful photograph


Maximo said...

Dear Helen, you are so welcome. Thank you also for your comment on my photo.
What are your news ? Are you still recording ? We would love to hear more from you.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi Maximo

Yes I am still recording. Some experimental, some songs with voice and some collaborations with European artists

What would you like to hear?

I am fascinated to know where you found "ocean in my room" ?? It was one of 5 tracks on a Cd that I made for fun and gave to friends (in 2002/2003?) Recorded in Berlin with extra guitar parts from my friend Tino

I am enjoying a random walk through your blog discovering new music

Best Wishes


Maximo said...

Andrea, a friend of mine and also an occasional selector for this blog, bought the record in a charity centre in Berlin 2 years ago...

I am listening to the song right now and am really loving it ! I love the drony background and the guitar chords. If you have new tunes in the same style (or other), I'd be glad to hear them.



Andrea Neri said...

Hi Helen! (Hi Max!)

I'm reading this conversation from Warsav, a city that almost make me think about Berlin. Really happy to be the "maker" of the link between you, Maximo and Nuke blog. As my friend Max, I would be glad to hear more of your music.

Have a beautiful day

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

thanks for liking my music.

...just simple self expression

i finally found a tune i could send you

if you email me i will send it


Nuke Plant Aerials said...

Hi Helen,

nice to hear from you again. We would be honored to post a new tune by you !

you can send it here : maxime_bd@yahoo.fr

Thank you again, and we keep in touch !