Heading to the south...

...Et tenter de présenter un visage encore plus séduisant dans l'intelligence de ce que l'on peut mettre en place.

Ajoutons que sans Marcos Valle, pas d'Air.


Eighties Flavor !

En fait il fallait juste un peu de musique pour justifier la publication de ces coupes de cheveux magiques.



This song has been sticking to my ears for two days now... Wouldn't that be a good reason to let you enjoy it ? It was written by the two bearded fellows of Chicros, a psyche-pop band from the western suburbs of Paris, France. It has plenty of synths, a powerful bass, some sweet evanescent vocal harmonies, and it has this typical Versailles production feeling (old-school, rich, and progressive sound). "Walking Backwards" has been on every pop compilation I did for friends in the past year. It's 2:31 min, but what a great song !

Chicros - Walking Backwards


*** Eloise Special ***

La classe décontractée, ce Barry.

Barry Ryan - Eloise (1968)

Dix ans plus tard, reprise inespérée... La disco allonge et drogue.

Paris Connection - Eloise (Casablanca Records, 1978)



Michel Sardou (1947-2007)

Ce type n'était valable que fortement remixé.


Everybody run ! Steel drums are coming back !

... just kidding. This track is really good. It feels like Mr. Spok and Donna Summer fornicating on Star Trek's Enterprise's dancefloor.

Volume to the max s'il vous plaît.


One of the most amazing tracks of this year : bouncing yet feeling slow, dry, micro-sparkingly produced, mentally torturous, did I mention dry ?
This is a pretty rare track, and to keep it this way, link will be removed in seven days.

When electro takes you far, far away...

Rayuela - Eeseso


Il vient du bout du


Just gimme Indie rock !

Started back in '83
Started seeing things a differently
And hardcore wasn't doin' it for me no more
Started smoking pot
Thought things sounded better slow
Much slower, heavier
Black magic melody to sink this poseur's soul

VU Stooges undeniably cool
Took a lesson from that drone rock school
Manipulate musicians hack righteous drool
Getting loose with the Pussy Galore
Cracking jokes like a Thurston Moore
Peddle hopping like a Dinosaur, J...

Rock and Roll genius, ride the middle of the road
Milk that sound, blow your load
Shoot it further than you ever said it go
Four stars in the Rolling Stone

Oooh sludge rock,
That's hard as harsh
Just gimme indie rock!
It's gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

Taking inspiration from Husker Du
It's a new generation
Of electric white boy blues
Come on indie rock
It's gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

Breaking down the barriers
Like Sonic Youth
They got what they wanted
Maybe I can get what I want too
Come on indie rock
It's gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

Time to knock
The hard rock on it's side
Time to knock
The shit right up a storm
Turn to amaze
With the indie sludge
Grunge !
Aaah !