OMG this is pure filthy dubstep japanese craziness

This is thirteen minutes of extreme bass music. Couldn't find a picture that achieves such a level of party madness. Give a shout to the Japs of Biohannya if you dig it !

Dodge & Fuski Minimix Competition Biohannya Mix by biohannya


Shhhhh... Quiet.

Track List:

Chubby Wolf – ‘If You Love Me…’ from The Darker Sex 7” single

Kogumaza – ‘Bells’ from S/T LP

Alex Cobb – ‘Anamnesis’ from Alex Cobb/Aquarelle Split LP

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek – ‘Patina II (excerpt)’ from Patina

Kyle Bobby Dunn – ‘Diamond Cove and Its Children Are Watching’ from Bring Me The Head Of… LP

Aquarelle – ‘A Shifting Visage (excerpt)’ from Alex Cobb/Aquarelle Split LP

Benjamin Fleury Steiner – ‘The Dreamlife of Birds’ from The Places That Find You LP

Kogumaza – ‘Tensor Tympani (excerpt)’ from S/T LP