Sous le signe du "V"

It's been two days I have this song in my head.

Lully - Jordi Savall - Marche pour la Cérémonie des Turcs


This is real Lounge music

Pas de la daube de chez Costes.

The Johnny Burt Sound - Lady Of The Mist

Complesso Gisteri - Sfumature (2a Versione)

Henri Mancini - Candlelight On Crystal


The Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities #4 - Edgar Winter & Adriano Celentano

Aujourd'hui l'équipe de Nuke Plant Aerials est un peu paresseuse alors nous ne vous fournirons qu'une introduction rapide (et en français) des deux artistes de ce #4.

Edgar Winter, frère de Johnny, est un Américain à la crinière blonde albinos, joueur de saxophone, de piano, d'ukulélé, de basse, de batterie. Sa carrière, dans les années 70, est marquée par pas mal de disques relativement dispensables car hésitant toujours entre blues, funk et rock FM. Cela dit, quelques morceaux parviennent à surnager, et c'est le cas de la pièce proposée ici, excellent exercice de hard funk sorti en 71 et retrouvé sur une compilation de la maison Epic sortie la même année. Il faudra cependant faire abstraction des cris plutôt insupportables d'une choriste très zélée.

Tout le monde connaît Adriano Celentano grâce à son I Want To Know, classique de Radio Nostalgie. Ce beau gosse italien à la gouaille fameuse a fait autant de navets au cinéma qu'il a sorti de bons disques. D'abord très rockabilly, chantant dans un anglais parodié des reprises des années 50, Celentano est passé par une période variète sixties avant de connaître vraiment la gloire (du moins en Italie) dans les années 70. Accompagné d'une armée d'arrangeurs et de producteurs de génie, il a notamment eu une période disco-electro-funk-rock, marquée par quelques titres considérés par d'aucuns comme des classiques secrets. Les deux titres ici proposés méritent de se retrouver sur tous les Iphone du monde. Sortis en 79, ils ont vieilli comme du bon vin et ont gardé ce petit goût sucré qui en fait aujourd'hui de savoureux trésors.

So dig it !!

Edgar Winter - Give It Everything You Got

Adriano Celentano - Soli

Adriano Celentano - Pay, Pay, Pay

Expériences électroniques

I have posted him already, but he is worth it. Dan Deacon is a mad geek and a strong musical personnality as well. He particularly loves to mix Bach style harmonies with overdriven digital keyboards and Chip and Dale voices. His concerts are crazy shows where he stands in the middle of the crowd equipped only with a table covered with electronic devices, effects pedals, and toys. The track proposed here is pretty slow and contemplative for its first part, but it then joyfully shifts into a running cavalery of broken-up voices, to end up suddenly with the main theme again.

Trinité is an electronic trio from Paris and features members of Turzi, Chicros, Kill For Total Peace or One Switch to Collision. Using only a Tenori-on, vintage analog keyboards and oscillators (sometimes a string instrument), they like to build long electronic improvisations around a simple synthesizer phrase.

Two very different visions for an equal listening pleasure. Try them.

Dan Deacon - Snookered

Trinité - Cheyenne (Live @ l'International, 15-07-09)


The Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities #3 - Pop Concerto Orchestra

Today we have a not so rare (in France) 7" record from a old french band. Pop Concerto Orchestra was created in Paris in the 70's by Olivier Toussaint and Paul de Senneville, who were producers and composers of french pop at the time. Senneville was the owner of a small record label, Disc AZ. They created another band called Anarchic System. Throughout the 70's and 80's they had many hits with music for TV commercials, songs for french singers like Michel Polnareff or clowns like Richard Clayderman.
I have been listening to Pop Concerto Show on my parents K7 tapes since I was 3 or 4. It was really nice to find the vinyl and discover the B-side, Elga, which is great as well, more in a melancholico-kitsch style of great effect.

Dig it !!

Pop Concerto Orchestra - Pop Concerto Show

Pop Concerto Orchestra - Elga

Rumors on presumed Batman's homosexuality...

Dan Deacon - Pink Batman


The Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities #2 - Barry Ryan & Blondie

The first track has already been posted on this blog, but it was long time ago and the link is now dead. It is such a beautiful track it deserves to be here again for your listening pleasure. Original post on Nuke Plant Aerials is here.

The second track is quite a funny find, as we French get on this song the rare pleasure of hearing Debbie Harry of Blondie sing in Proust's language... Rare french version of Sunday Girl.

Dig it !!

Barry Ryan - Eloise

Blondie - Sunday Girl (french version)

The Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities #1 !!! - Donna Summer

There is a black cupboard in my living room, down there in Lyon, France. It is full of old vinyls. I thought I might be a crate-digger in my own place and let you enjoy a couple of these gems of mine... So these are the Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities series !!

I would like to start things off with a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's Je t'aime moi non plus by Donna Summer. The track was produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. It was part of the original soundtrack from the movie "Thank God It's Friday", and it was released on Casablanca Records in 1978. I cut the track in two parts as the original version is 15'45"...
Dig it !

Donna Summer - Je t'aime moi non plus (part. I)

Donna Summer - Je t'aime moi non plus (part. II)



Kassem Mosse - Untitled