The Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities #1 !!! - Donna Summer

There is a black cupboard in my living room, down there in Lyon, France. It is full of old vinyls. I thought I might be a crate-digger in my own place and let you enjoy a couple of these gems of mine... So these are the Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities series !!

I would like to start things off with a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's Je t'aime moi non plus by Donna Summer. The track was produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. It was part of the original soundtrack from the movie "Thank God It's Friday", and it was released on Casablanca Records in 1978. I cut the track in two parts as the original version is 15'45"...
Dig it !

Donna Summer - Je t'aime moi non plus (part. I)

Donna Summer - Je t'aime moi non plus (part. II)

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