The Black Cupboard Nuggets & Rarities #3 - Pop Concerto Orchestra

Today we have a not so rare (in France) 7" record from a old french band. Pop Concerto Orchestra was created in Paris in the 70's by Olivier Toussaint and Paul de Senneville, who were producers and composers of french pop at the time. Senneville was the owner of a small record label, Disc AZ. They created another band called Anarchic System. Throughout the 70's and 80's they had many hits with music for TV commercials, songs for french singers like Michel Polnareff or clowns like Richard Clayderman.
I have been listening to Pop Concerto Show on my parents K7 tapes since I was 3 or 4. It was really nice to find the vinyl and discover the B-side, Elga, which is great as well, more in a melancholico-kitsch style of great effect.

Dig it !!

Pop Concerto Orchestra - Pop Concerto Show

Pop Concerto Orchestra - Elga

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LuGerWolf said...

I have an extended play record with Pop Concerto Show,Elga,Lady Mylady and a beautiful one called Anna Love in the same vein than Elga.