Expériences électroniques

I have posted him already, but he is worth it. Dan Deacon is a mad geek and a strong musical personnality as well. He particularly loves to mix Bach style harmonies with overdriven digital keyboards and Chip and Dale voices. His concerts are crazy shows where he stands in the middle of the crowd equipped only with a table covered with electronic devices, effects pedals, and toys. The track proposed here is pretty slow and contemplative for its first part, but it then joyfully shifts into a running cavalery of broken-up voices, to end up suddenly with the main theme again.

Trinité is an electronic trio from Paris and features members of Turzi, Chicros, Kill For Total Peace or One Switch to Collision. Using only a Tenori-on, vintage analog keyboards and oscillators (sometimes a string instrument), they like to build long electronic improvisations around a simple synthesizer phrase.

Two very different visions for an equal listening pleasure. Try them.

Dan Deacon - Snookered

Trinité - Cheyenne (Live @ l'International, 15-07-09)


Solenne said...

j'aime beaucoup vos posts monsieur

Anonymous said...

plus j'écoute snookered plus j'aime.